"There is nothing more rare, more beautiful than a women being unapologetically herself; Comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty!" steve maraboli

Located in Stony Plain, AJ Boudoir is a intimate part of AJ Photography concentrating on sexy, classic boudoir imagery. This time is about you and feeling good as woman. Every session is different as every woman's style and goals are different. I work one on one with you to create images that reflect your style and beauty. Get ready to bring out your sexy.

Boudoir Tips


When planning your outfits pick things that you know you can be comfortable in or move in and always try things on before hand get a feel for how they work and flow

Take note of personal items belonging to your special someone or your own items and bring them along
Take a minute and make faces and expressions in the mirror not only will it give you some personal laugh time but it will help you to feel more confident in the studio with your expressions

The day before the shoot get plenty of water as much as you can and the day of the shoot as little as possible it helps to tighten everything. 

All though it is truly an incredible experience most are quite tired after, It's exhausting being beautiful ;) . 
So get lot's of rest the day before a little Beauty sleep never hurts

The Night before and Day of No tight underwear or bras they will leave lines.  Dress comfy and free. 

Hair and makeup is like icing on the cake!!!
I am always more then happy to help you pick someone to be on site for your session.

Darlene Brink - Stony Plain Make-up Artist
Melissa bell Make-up Artistry - Stony Plain

Marla Shaw - Maven Brow and Beauty

For your session thinks to consider

- clothing/lingerie choices

- classic black and or white underwear

- accessories
(hair, clothing add on's)

- High heels a must

- props (Personal articles belonging to your special someone are always a hit)

- jewelry when dealing with less clothing jewelery is a great accent

-if you have any pictures of ideas you have found please bring them or jot down your thoughts to share at session ( I always have ideas prepared but am always open to suggestion these are your photo's I want them to reflect your style)

A great website for Tips in Preparing for your session