"There is nothing more rare, more beautiful than a women being unapologetically herself; Comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty!" steve maraboli

Located in Stony Plain, AJ Boudoir is a intimate part of AJ Photography concentrating on sexy, classic boudoir imagery. This time is about you and feeling good as woman. Every session is different as every woman's style and goals are different. I work one on one with you to create images that reflect your style and beauty. Get ready to bring out your sexy.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wraps and so much more | Fashion Photography

I am a huge supporter of entrepreneurs, there is nothing more amazing and scary then taking the plunge to start your own company and chase your dreams!

When Jenna with www.geckorose.com asked me to help her photograph her clothing I was more then thrilled. With her new website launched all she needed some new pics of all her beautiful wraps, bathing suit covers, dresses, rompers and more. 

Big shout out to all the girls who came and gave a hnad modelling these beautiful pieces, you guys rocked!

Check out www.geckorose.com to see all she has to offer, you won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Simply Sexy | Boudoir Photography

AJ Boudoir | Boudoir Photographer
Stony Plain

Miss. S was a true treat to work with! 
Like everyone when they first come for a boudoir session, she was nervous, but as we talked and planned out the session she got more and more excited. By the time we got to shooting she was all over it and rock every second of it!

Thank you for coming in and allowing me to capture your sexy side it was a blast!

Boudoir Photography - Boudoir Photographer

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Intimate Maternity photographer | Boudoir Maternity

When we think of Maternity we generally think of the loving fully clothed images........but becoming a mom is so much more then that, it is truly a beautiful time!

I love in studio boudoir maternity sessions!!! It allows me to  capture and showcase an even more intimate, beautiful relationship for mom.

This thing you do......is pretty remarkable, beautiful and amazing don't pass up the opportunity to capture it, treasuring this very short time forever.

We did two parts with this session, first a quick mini with son and dad, saving more with them for a later outdoor session. Then spent most of the session with just mom, mom wanted something a little more saucy then soft ;)

Want to see the first half of the session with family check it out here

Intimate Maternity photographer - Boudoir maternity Photography