"There is nothing more rare, more beautiful than a women being unapologetically herself; Comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty!" steve maraboli

Located in Stony Plain, AJ Boudoir is a intimate part of AJ Photography concentrating on sexy, classic boudoir imagery. This time is about you and feeling good as woman. Every session is different as every woman's style and goals are different. I work one on one with you to create images that reflect your style and beauty. Get ready to bring out your sexy.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Miss C | Boudoir Photographer

I have had the pleasure of photographing this smoke show a couple times! She is truly a beautiful person inside and out and is always so much fun to work with. In the process of just finishing her Personal Training and Nutrition she has decided to start training for her second competition. She is always eager to help and loves giving that extra push to inspire others. With your fun and outgoing personality, plus a true determination to strive there is truly no limit! Good luck on this next journey I know you are destine for greatness!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Hold Me Closer | Intimate Lifestyle Photography

Do you ever have those moment where there is no such thing as to close, the moments that being in each others arms skin to skin is all you want! Just to feel each others touch! 
To leave the world behind, just the two of you.

These are the moments that make your heart flutter! Your breath quicken! These moments are Art in your mind, in reality and captured! 

Love capturing this Art, images that when you look at them you feel, you know, you fill with emotion!

Thank you to these two for allowing me to capture these moments.

 Intimate Lifestyle Photographer

You Give Me All Of You | Intimate Lifestyle Photography

AJ Boudoir | Boudoir Photographer

There is nothing more amazing and powerful then a connection between 2 people, then you add love and chemistry WOW!!!!!
A simple touch, a kiss all of it creating emotions that are electrifying! I love getting to photograph this connection between a couple, seeing that loving raw emotion captured and frozen in time.......aaaahhhhhhh! 

Sure we see this in our wedding photos and engagement sessions which are amazing but something we rarely see or do for ourself is celebrate that true intimate everyday connection, the part reserved just for ourselves. 

I had these two awesome love birds in the studio last week for a intimate lifestyle session. Their shoot was so out of this world, I had to break it up into 2 parts, this part is a "tad" softer. There is something so real and emotional I just can't look away. 

Intimate Lifestyle Photographer